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The “La Cremerie” line of professional products, along with the experience of our SPA personnel guarantees an unforgettable experience.


Peeling cu scrub


Champagne and rose petals - with softening, regenerative and anti-aging properties.
Green tea - energy, anti-cellulite and with an unisex perfume.
Chocolate - firming, slimming and anti-cellulite effect.
Immediate action - pure slimming power.
Thermal - includes the drainage force of thermal salts.
Lomi Lomi - brings harmony and eliminates stress.
Hammam - for a bright and firm skin.


Peeling with peel-off mask


Green tea


Soft mud packing


Chestnuts and caffeine - ideal for slimming, firming and anti-cellulite treatments.
Thermal - concentrated thermal extracts for powerful drainage treatments.
Chocolate - super stimulating soft mud for localized slimming and anti-cellulite treatments.
Green tea - great for anti-cellulite, drainage and revitalizing treatments.
Grape must - delicious grape must foam for an oxygenating, anti-aging and drainage effect.
Hammam - powerfully nourishing and purifying treatment, with drainage action.




La Cremerie Body ritual
Body massage creams

Chestnuts and caffeine - great for body remodeling treatments, anti-cellulite and for slimming. Has an energizing and an anti-aging effect, with a very pleasant coffee scent.
Chocolate - powerful slimming and firming action without ever giving up the flavor of a SPA massage.
Green tea - perfect for cellulite and for stimulating blood circulation, has a fresh, energizing and refreshing scent. Because of its aroma-therapeutic action, it is great for anti-stress and relaxation treatments.
Hammam - Moroccan traditional massage that includes the secrets of oriental baths; it is also powerfully stimulating, deeply purifying your skin.
Champagne and rose petals - regenerative, elasticizing and draginage effect with a sensual and a magic perfume.
Gold - a precious virtues concentrate for very exigent clients. A luxury massage that offers a radiant glow effect
Sour fruits - pure energy for both him and her - a drainage massage with an energizing effect and delicious citric perfume.
Rosehip - princesses’ massage - an enchanting hydrating massage for an elastic and radiating skin.


Body massage oils


Thermal oil - massage with marine and thermal elements concentrate with a matchless drainage effect.
Grapes must oil - a toning massage, antioxidant and anti-aging with an irresistible grapes must flavor.
Lomi Lomi oil - Hawaiian massage for body and soul, great for stimulating blood circulation and for eliminating physical and emotional tensions
Sour fruits oil - pure energy for her and him - an energizing drainage massage with delicious citric perfume.
Avocado and vanilla oil
Rosehip oil - princesses’ massage - an enchanting hydrating massage for elastic and radiating skin.
Champagne and rose petals oil - for a regenerating and firming drainage massage, with a magical, sensual perfume.
Gold oil - luxury massage that confers a radiant glow effect
Anti-cellulite oil - new improved formula with quick anti-cellulite action.
Immediate action oil - for slimming, anti-cellulite and firming massages.


La Cremerie facial ritual


Orchid and hawthorn - confers exceptional results against wrinkles, faint skin and localized reddening, especially for dehydrated, devitalized skin with diffused redness
Collagen and caviar - a treatments that guarantees tonus, elasticity and firmness for your skin, along with a considerable preparation against skin aging. Its lifting effects are visible after the first sessions.
Gold - anti-wrinkles treatment with a gold filling effect, which will offer your skin new vigor and luminosity, due to the 24 luxury carats.
Bamboo and lotus flowers - an anti-stress, anti-aging and hydrating treatment, which offers you all the benefits of the precious bamboo and lotus flower natural extracts.




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